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VALUE study

The VALUE study (IVF add-ons: Research into their use by patients, clinicians and embryologists) is a research project interested in understanding the decision making processes that occur when patients, doctors and embryologists think about, or opt to use add-ons in an IVF or ICSI cycle. 

The aims of the study are:

1) To understand how people make decisions about using IVF add-ons

2) To understand what information is important in making decisions about using IVF add-ons.


We hope  to improve the care of future IVF patients, by better understanding how information on add-ons should be shared. 

What are add-ons?


The VALUE study is a collaboration between the University of Sheffield, the University of Melbourne and Bath Spa University. We are recruiting patients, doctors and embryologists in the UK and Australia.

The VALUE study is funded by an Obstetrics and Gynaecology Innovation Grant from the University of Melbourne Australia.